EFT Learn creates an environment that supports innovation, cultivates entrepreneurial skills and returns an employee that is invaluable to the success of your organization.

Problem: Employees’ entrepreneurial spirit is stifled in large organizations, resulting in lack of innovation.

Over time, larger companies have to build on their internal structure and policies to effectively run.  These processes and environments, while essentially necessary, create the downside of stifling innovation.  In addition, intrapreneurs within your organization are discouraged and no longer empowered to develop and promote new ideas and solutions.

Solution: Engage employees, cultivate skills and foster innovation.

By enrolling your employees in our program, they will receive a fully immersive experience that takes them out of their normal day-to-day and implants them in a startup environment.   As a result, your company will have the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage, break into new markets and inspire ongoing innovation within your teams.


We provide an environment that allows your employees to exercise their entrepreneurial spirit. As a result, they gain the freedom to pursue new and innovative ideas.


During the program, your employees will be exposed to a diverse set of industries and way of thinking.  We promote collaboration with various groups of people and through this they learn how to fail from both shared and personal experiences.


Employees return with leadership, behavioral and business skills that allow them to better support your organizations’ innovation and growth.  The overall goal is that the employee successfully creates much needed business solutions that positively impact your bottom line.

Program Options

Full time: 40 hours a week for 4 consecutive weeks

Part time: 16 hours a week for 10 consecutive weeks

One Day Participant


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