EFT Foundations is self-directed, adult-facilitated and life learning in the context of the students’ own interests.

Who is it for?

We partner with high schools and colleges to provide this program to students as a class offering.

What will I learn?

Students will go through the process of learning how to develop concepts and solve business problems. They will also develop the necessary skills to be successful and innovative contributors within a company (intrapreneurs) or while running their own (entrepreneurs).

Semester 1: Student Discovery

Goals: Develop core entrepreneurship principles and teach the basic concepts of all areas of a company.

Skill focus: Intellectual curiosity, self-motivation and collaboration.

Semester 2: Concept Development

Goals: Create a fully developed concept, pitch deck and business canvas.

Skill focus: Problem solving, leadership and developing “grit”.

End of Semester 2 – Innovator Games

Students will have the opportunity to pitch their concepts at the Innovator Games.

Semester 3 and on: Product Development

Goal: Working within their existing teams to create the products and services that support their concepts.

Skill focus:  Perseverance, team work and leadership.


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