2017 Female Innovator Games™

The 2nd Annual Female Innovator Games is going to continue to provide a platform for women to make a change in their lives and the world by giving them a place to launch their ideas and positively affect the gender gap. These entrepreneurs and innovators will participate using an online platform to compete for prizes and the opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges at the Games.

According to a report by Catalyst, businesses with the most females had on average, 42% greater return on sales, 53% better return on equity and 66% greater return on invested capital.

Our first annual Female Innovator Games named Grace Neil with Hey W8R its winner after a close competition between teams in 6 states. Grace is well into development of the most recent iteration of her app in addition to another exciting project that will fuel the success of many products for years to come. Cat Café is up and running in Charleston, finding success in their downtown location. All the participants left with a fully completed business canvas and pitch deck to aid in their search for funding.

McKinsey estimates “$12 trillion could be added to global GDP by 2025 by advancing women’s equality.”

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  • Female Entrepreneurs – a student or professional with an idea for a business or product that solves a problem or fills a need.
  • Innovators – a male or female that has skills or knowledge that is interested in supporting an entrepreneur by being placed on a team.

When: Fall 2017

Where: Charleston, SC

Prizes: Cash | Incubation services | Invitation to regional Games

In addition to prizes, all finalists will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors for seed funding.



Entrepreneurs can register with or without a team of their own.  Student Innovators are paired with teams based on need for specific skills and interests, so don’t worry if you don’t have a team or have a few holes.



  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be available on the dates of the event to attend in person


  • Can bring a team of up to 4 people
  • The registrant (Entrepreneur) must be a female and must be the majority owner
  • Your team members will be able to register if your idea is selected to participate
  • Team members can be male or female
  • Idea/company must be early stage
  • Idea/company must not have received more then $10,000 in funding

Student Innovators

  • Must be currently enrolled in college

For sponsorship opportunities, interest in joining our investor network or joining a team as a company mentor please email getinvolved@innovatorgames.com


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