Applying entrepreneurship lessons and driving innovation within larger organizations can be challenging.   In order to affect change, companies need to combat organizational inertia and change traditional mindsets.  We help you do that.

Innovator Games

The Innovator Games competition for companies is customized to fit your company’s goals, core values and success criteria. Teams work cross-departmentally to identify and solve internal pain points. This is a results-driven competition with success in
  • Cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit within your organization & changing culture
  • Increasing employee engagement & cross-departmental
  • Providing a platform for investment opportunities
  • Delivering truly measurable success

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EFT Learn

This program is designed to allow employees to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and drive business value to your enterprise. Your intrapreneurs will be immersed in an environment to develop new skills, connect with like-minded individuals and deploy innovative ideas to bring back to your company.

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In addition to offering our consulting services, we have a great team and a vast network to ensure you have the best resource every time.  We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality work and exceeding client expectations.

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