Attempting to turn a negative into a positive, the launch of mobile game ‘Creeping with the Crudashians’ was reimagined into a charity gala in honor of the victims of the Mother Emanuel AME shootings and the City of Charleston. The July 14 invite-only event at Republic Lounge raised money for the Emanuel 9 Fund and STEM scholarships for South Carolina minorities.

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And “do this” they did. Just in their first day at E3, 3 Queens’ booth was booming with visitors. Even during our interview, a long line had formed behind me — attendees waiting to learn more about “Crudashians” — which was my queue to wrap things up. However, before I left, I asked Young, Florence and Coffey-Edri what it was like to see their booth get so much attention at the con, especially in such a male-dominated space.

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