Think Ideally created the  Innovator  Games  as  a  competition-based  event  to  inspire  and  activate  innovation.  Participants  work  in  teams  to  deliver  a  solution  to  a  panel  of  judges and investor network.  In  this  competition,  participants  will  be  competing  for  cash prizes,   as  well  as  potential  seed  funding,  full-service incubation and  an  invitation  to  the regional  and national games.   In contrast with existing competitions, the Innovator Games runs on a unique platform that captures idea flow, measures milestones, collects success criteria and critical data points.  This digital platform allows for investors and companies to identify investment opportunities and track post-investment development and progress.

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Think  Ideally,  a  Silicon  Harbor  based  specialty  company  that  addresses  the  needs  of  entrepreneurs  by  providing  a one-stop shop for services and clear  guidance  for success,  announced that they will  be hosting a female  Innovator  Games on March 17-18, kicking  off  the  “Celebrating  Women  Entrepreneurs”  Summit, hosted by the College of Charleston.  Think  Ideally and College of Charleston  tailored  this  unique  Innovator  Games to  address  the  gender  gap with the support of major universities including USC, Clemson and the Citadel.  Women-led, co-ed team of entrepreneurs and student innovators will create companies that are majority owned by women.

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According to the National Women’s Business Council, female entrepreneurs start companies with 50 percent less capital than males. Two women entrepreneurship events coming to downtown Charleston are encouraging and celebrating women business owners. The College of Charleston and a local company is hosting the events.One entrepreneur’s drive, Cara Florence, has led her to inspire others.

“I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur when I had my first lemonade stand,” Florence said.

She’s the co-founder and managing partner of a Mt. Pleasant based company, Think Ideally.

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A local company and the College of Charleston are holding a pair of related events this week, both focusing on women entrepreneurs.

Mount Pleasant-based Think Ideally, which offers support services for small business owners, will conduct the “Female Innovator Games” March 17 at the college’s Sottile Theatre at 44 George St. The competition will involves women-led, co-ed teams of entrepreneurs and students that will create women-led businesses. Participants will be vying for cash prizes, as well as potential seed funding, business incubation serices and an invitation to the regional and national games. A pitch day follows on March 18. Go to for details.

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Fostering Corporate Intrapreneurs to Drive Innovation

The Problem Intrapreneurship involves individuals or groups of individuals exploring high-risk, high-reward ideas within the safety and support of a larger, well-established corporate structure. Most large corporations are not set up to provide the agile and creative environment that fuels the intrapreneurial spirit and therefore stifle innovation. The Solution...

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In this fabulous edition of the Popzara Podcast editor Cory Galliher sashays and cavorts with two members of his new BFF, 3 Queens Media, an all-female development studio.They talk the group’s debut game Creeping with the Crudashians, a match-3 mobile game poking fun at America’s most repulsive family, and currently cascading up the Play Store (with a fashionably late iOS appearance to come).Full episode now available on iTunes and Popzara

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Attempting to turn a negative into a positive, the launch of mobile game ‘Creeping with the Crudashians’ was reimagined into a charity gala in honor of the victims of the Mother Emanuel AME shootings and the City of Charleston. The July 14 invite-only event at Republic Lounge raised money for the Emanuel 9 Fund and STEM scholarships for South Carolina minorities.

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