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About Us

Think Ideally was founded in 2015 to help entrepreneurs and startups solve problems through technology and the power of diversity. We have a deep commitment to the community of relationships we build with our clients and partners to better serve them. Our core capabilities are in branding and web development, digital strategy, software development and research and development.

Since inception we have expanded to working with large corporations whose goal is to fuel their intrapreneurs to drive corporate change and innovation. Think Ideally shares their team of experts to collaborate with large corporations in order to promote reinvention, employee engagement and diversity.

About the Owner

Cara Florence

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

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Cara Florence serves as owner and CEO of Think Ideally. Since moving to Charleston in 2008, she has spent over 7 years with the tech startup community in both commercial and government, knowing that one day she would have the necessary experience and tools needed to launch her own company. In addition to her work in Silicon Harbor, she has traveled all over the U.S. promoting STEM education and women in tech, two of her biggest passion topics. She began her career in tech in 2008 starting at the bottom and working her way up with a drive for knowledge, extreme passion, grit and perseverance. Mrs. Florence is a family-focused leader and believes in treating your clients and co-workers the same in everything that you do. She has 2 wild and fun little boys, a beautiful step-daughter and loving husband.


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